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Particolare Zama


Maybe everyone already knows the story of the medieval stone cutters...

The first is asked what he is doing

and he answers irritated "I'm cutting a stone"

and the second: "I'm making a sculpture"

the third one exclaims satisfied "I am building a cathedral".

Every time we die-cast a piece, we are aware that it is the first important step of a long process that will lead to the creation of a product

that our customers, leaders in their fields, will export worldwide.

Whenever we are scrupulously careful to the needs of our customers,

we dare to feel in the position of the third cutter: we are building a cathedral




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PressFinMetal Baglioni in Lumezzane-Brescia is a dynamic company with a high know-how in the field of zamak (zinc-alloy) die-casting with hot-chamber machines.


The company has been established thirty years ago and it has constantly increased thanks to the high quality of the die-casted pieces and its flexibility.


Flexibility made possible due to the technological updating of equipment and machineries, and especially to the willingness of the owners to put their multiannual experience at complete disposal of the customers.



Lezione alla classe di Master


2019/30/03 Lesson hold in Pressfinmetal Lumezzane


Teachers: Ludovico Baglioni – Tiziano Baglioni


Title of the lesson: “Moulding competences in Zamak die-casting – How to use zinc-alloys”



High Pressure Die Casting School


2020/12/12 Lesson hold in Pressfinmetal Lumezzane
Teachers: Ludovico Baglioni - Tiziano Baglioni