Baglioni - 40 years of zamak die-casting’s know-how


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PressFinMetal Baglioni is a dynamic company specialized in zamak die-casting. Mr.Tiziano Baglioni created it in the early 80s, using the know-how acquired in his father's factory. His son Ludovico Baglioni joined the Company at the end of his studies and after having obtained the Master in High Pressure Die-casting at CSMT- AQM.




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The owners follow personally every step of the die-casting and subsequent machining and finishing of the parts that are commissioned to the company by customers.


PressFinMetal Baglioni has a wide range of customers operating in many productions areas such as: hydro-sanitary taps and fittings; articles for the bathroom, electric household appliances and lighting for the home, door handles, automotive, pneumatics, auto parts and varied technical components.


Thanks to long-lasting relationships with companies here nearby, we can also perform additional operations on the die-casted pieces, such as vibration with washing and drying in tunnels, or polishing, satin-finishing, chrome-plating or other galvanic treatments, or even machining or turning according to customer's technical design.


PressFinMetal Baglioni can also deliver finished and packaged articles according to specific customer's needs.


The move to the new larger factory in the industrial area of Lumezzane allowed us to renew and ancrease the number of the machineries.